About Max

About Max  :  Entrepeneur  –  Investor  –  Consultant  –  Author  –  Ph.D. Candidate

over-maxMax Boodie (1964) is an entrepreneur, investor, consultant & supply chain specialist, author and a Ph.D. candidate. He worked for the prominent Dutch consultancy firm Berenschot, where he was founder and managing director of the procurement division. Subsequently, he successfully led DPA Supply Chain People, of which he was the founder. In 2011 he left DPA Group N.V. as a member of the Executive Board. He has been investing in several successful start-ups ever since and has also founded a couple of them. He is involved in several ways: as a shareholder, but in some cases also as an advisor or a manager. His most recent initiative is Banenruil.nl.

Max is the author of several books, for instance about flexible working and supply chain management. As a Ph.D. candidate he is supervised by professor Jack van der Veen, a well-known supply chain expert. In his spare time, Max is a passionate racecar driver. Check out his LinkedIn page for more information.

“A genuine interest in people has always been a central part of my career. I want to know what moves and excites them and what their ‘call to action’ is. With my most recent initiative, Banenruil.nl, I try to give people the opportunity to regain more control of their own live and to really change the way they are working. “

Max Boodie