Max likes to exchange thoughts about starting an enterprise

About Max  :  Entrepeneur  –  Investor  –  Consultant  –  Author  –  Ph.D. Candidate

investeerderAfter leaving DPA Group N.V. in 2011 as a member of the Executive Board, Max remained active as an entrepreneur and also started investing in other companies through his investment firm Stingray Beheer, which currently has smaller and larger stakes in several (internet) companies. Amongst these participations are a very successful review site for restaurants in the Netherlands and HR-related organizations.

“If a plan or an idea is exceptional and I’m convinced that I don’t have to deal with a large number of shareholders, investors or executives, I can become interested to invest in a company. It could also mean that I will become actively involved or I ask people in my network to do so. I also invest in companies – mostly start-ups – where I do not play an active part in managing it, but contribute to its success in another way. These are conditions I happily put aside if the people involved are really interesting or fun…”

Max Boodie