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Professioneel inhuren van flexibele arbeid
Boek - Professioneel inhuren van flexibele arbeidMax Boodie, Rob de Laat, Paul Oldenburg
Enthri B.V., 2014

The professional hiring of a flexible workforce’ is the first manual in which all aspects of the Dutch flexmarket are being discussed by using data from the Central Bureau of Statistics.’

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Muren & Buren
Boek - Muren & BurenMax Boodie, Alle Delfsma, Leon Fleuren
DPA Supply Chain People, 2010

Professionals in procurement, logistics and operations will agree: decompartmentalisation has to be done. But what specific action needs to be taken?


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Knijpen en Zuigen
 Boek - Knijpen en ZuigenMax Boodie
DPA Supply Chain People, 2008

“Squeezing the most out of the customer” is a collection of twenty observations of the world of procurement and supply chain, written with a great deal of understatement and humor.


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Vinden en Binden… en andere prikkelende verhalen over inkoop
 Boek Vinden en Binden
Max Boodie
DPA Supply Chain People, 2008

The business of procurement should and can improve. That’s the bottom line.


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Max in the Media

Max Boodie has had several media performances in the last couple of years. Please find below a selection of publications, events and other activities.


Deal! – September 2014 – Het verschil tussen weten en doen
Management Executive – Mei/juni 2014 – De flexmarkt wordt nooit meer de oude
Deal! – Ispera 2014 in Zuid Afrika – Nederland zet opnieuw de standaard
Supply Chain Magazine – Weg met de schotten
Supply Chain Magazine – Professionele inkoop als innovatievoorwaarde

Radio – Hradio – In gesprek met Max Boodie



21 mei 2014 – Flexcongres
15 april 2014 – IPSERA
31 maart 2014 – Nevi Kring

Event Chair

21 maart 2014 – Haven Amsterdam

Scientific Publications

The Purchasing Knowing Doing Gap and HRM Incentives

Max Boodie and Dirk-Jan Kamann

Several authors have observed that the daily practice in purchasing often differs from what literature prescribes.  We also learned that many practitioners do actually know very well what ideally should be done, but do not  practice those ideals. This paper will focus on three things: (1) is it possible to actually measure this ‘gap’  between how purchasing is executed on a number of aspects and how this ideally should be done in the eyes of  the stakeholders involved; (2) establish the perception gaps – of both the actual and ideal situations – between the  purchasing manager and internal clients; (3) to which extend do HRM incentives play a role in this, since they  are assumed to steer the behavior of both the Purchasing Managers and the Internal Clients.

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